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TA:K Downloads



3 kb
 keys.tdf File (Move/Fight Command)
5.79 Mb
 TAK 3.0BB Boneyards Update
553 kb
 WARMod (Wolfclan Annimod Renaissance Mod
 WARMod Map Pack 01
 Extreme AI by Faust Invictus
 WARMod Units
 Megapak (all files except 3.0BB Update)
9.89 Mb
Ultrapak (all files INCLUDING 3.0BB Update)

2.08 Mb
WARMod FINAL Package (Contains everything except Extreme AI, Maps, and keys.tdf file)

Note: All files are zipped with maximum compression for faster downloads.
Installation Notes:
  1. Install TAK and The Iron Plague expansion pack. Note that the WARMod is not playable without The Iron Plague.
  2. Install the latest patch TAK3.0BB
  3. Unzip the .hpi and .ufo files contained in the WARMod, Creonpak, Extreme AI, and Units pack into the main TAK folder.
  4. Make a new folder inside the main TAK folder and name it Maps.
  5. Unzip the 16 WARMod maps and place them in the Maps folder.
  6. Create a shortcut to TAK with -disablecavedogverification in the command line (see picture here)