We're a bunch of old farts playing games


Our Purpose

To create more pleasant gaming environments in all gaming communities by promoting kindness and respect to all gamers. We hope to become the most respected of all the clans and/or guilds, by proving our good sportsmanship and our strength as players.

Our Rules

    • Be kind and courteous to all members and non-members alike, no matter the cost. This means if you feel your opponent won the game in a cheap manner, you should simply say “good game” and walk away, rather than badmouthing or cursing that player. Arguing is fine — it is a healthy release of tension and can create stronger bonds between players. However, this does not mean making a flour of yourself.
    • Obey Rule 1 at all times.

Becoming a Member

Members of The Wolfclan are recruited through the many games we support, but it’s important to note that the main Wolfclan group (our founding members, also known as the Grey Council) is a closed, invitation-only group.  To become a member of this group, you’ll want to follow us in our supported games and exhibit the main tenants of our gaming philosophy.

Dismissal from The Wolfclan

Dismissal from any of the Wolfclan chapters is at the discretion of the leader(s) of that particular chapter.

The Grey Council

The Grey Council is the title for all core members of the Wolfclan. Each Grey Council member is responsible for recruiting new members into their respective chapters, and have full autonomy over those chapters.

Our Forums

Our forums are hosted on TheWolfclan.net, and are powered by PHPBB (©2001 phpBB Group). By registering on our forums, you are agreeing to be bound by our terms and conditions. As part of our security measures, you are required to submit a valid email address. Email addresses which are invalid or no longer working will result in your account’s deletion.

Any content deemed inappropriate will be edited or deleted by an administrator. Posts which contain explicit images, web addresses or other inappropriate content will be dealt with swiftly and harshly. Although the Wolfclan will make every effort to insure the content of each post is appropriate, we cannot make any guarantees.