We're a bunch of old farts playing games

About Us

The Wolfclan made its debut in December of 1999 in the Cavedog Entertainment title “Total Annihilation: Kingdoms.” Primarily made up of members of the Boneyards community, the Wolfclan attracted a lot of attention as our membership grew.

Before the demise of Cavedog and the shutdown of Boneyards, the Wolfclan members were instrumental in creating a new, more balanced game for the community, and even delved into mod creation.

After the shutdown of Cavedog, the Wolfclan moved into a number of other games, including Kohan: Immortal Sovereign, Unreal Tournament, Dark Age of Camelot, Star Wars Galaxies, as well as a host of other games.

In late 2000/early 2001, the Wolfclan created an online E-Zine called Rabidgamers.net. This e-zine was dedicated primarily to hardcore games and gamers (termed Rabid games/gamers), bringing forth generic RTS strategies, game reviews, etc. Although the website is now shutdown, the hallmark of that endeavor still resonates in many of our members.

As we look forward into the future, we hope to grow and expand operations, while staying true to our primary tenet “Don’t be an ass.”

– The Wolfclan, 2006